Redesign takes on many different forms depending on how involved you, the home owner, would like to be in the process.

Tier 1:

  • Let me give advice! I can visit your space and discuss ideas for sprucing up.  We can “shop” with items you already have to discuss new purposes or placements, and I can suggest new items to add to the mix.  You can take as many notes as possible to come back and decorate your space at your availability.  This is a flat fee we can discuss during our first contact.
  • Allow me to unpack for you!  If the idea of decorating your new home post moving is overwhelming, I am happy to work with your inventory and set up home.  In this service, I will send you out while I arrange furniture and decor using the items from your boxes/previous space.  This is an hourly rate and the size of the home greatly affects the duration of the project.

Tier 2:

  • Let me warm up your space!  As an extension to Tier 1’s advice, I can tackle the decision making and shopping for the items that would complete your space.  With trade discounts to many home decor brands (Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Pier 1, Wayfair, All Modern, Crate & name a few), I can save you the runaround, and money!  As you create a Pinterest board that inspires you, I can follow to gain insight about the items that excite you.  Since we are mostly adding to pieces you have, a Tier 2 redesign consists mostly of accessories, small furniture, artwork, and lighting.  A flat fee exists for this consultation in which I visit your space, take photos, and head home to write a complete guide to your redesign- including ideas and a budget.  We will touch base following the guide to see how you would like to progress.  Should you decide to accept the proposal, I get started right away shopping and planning, and once all the items are ready, we plan a styling day.  I deliver and style while you are away and invite you back to see the transformation.  This day is ALL smiles 🙂

Tier 3:

  • Let me do it all for you! As the top of the tiers, this final redesign option assumes you have little to nothing in the space or are wanting a completely fresh look.  Again, I can save you the decision making, time, and money (with trade discounts) by doing it all for you.  As I visit the space for the first time and a flat fee, I gain an understanding of your desires and take photos for my reference.  By following your Boards via Pinterest, I can also learn about your tastes in design.  I will prepare a written consultation for your review- including ideas and a budget- and once the proposal is accepted, the fun begins.  In order to make decisions about the big items, I will create a mood board for your viewing.  This is a way for you to understand my overall big picture and give feedback before the redesign.  Once the major items have been selected, we arrange deliveries and in the mean time, I am shopping for all the extras.  We plan a styling day around the furniture delivery, and as you leave for the day, your space is being transformed! These days bring the most “WOW” of all!