Many of you are wondering how it works- Home Staging.  There are two ways that Staging can best prepare your home for sale: the homeowner stages the home following a Consultation from Blue Door Creatives -OR- Blue Door Creatives stages the home following a Written Bid as a full Staging Project.  In either case, we will work in steps to achieve desired results and get the house sold!

Consultation: Working typically with the established real estate agent, I visit the home to walk through with the homeowner (and in some cases the agent).  During the approximate one hour consultation, we walk room by room to make suggestions about how to best sell the space.  The homeowner is encouraged to take notes during the time and ask plenty of questions.  I will make recommendations about furniture placement, possible updates or fixes, and decor specific changes.  The goal is to sell the home, not the items in it, so we will aim to highlight exactly that! This is a flat fee dependent on the location, and we can discuss this in the initial contact.

Full Staging Project: When a home is very bare or completely empty, buyers have a difficult time envisioning life in the space.  A full staging project fills in these gaps and gives life to the house! Following a brief meeting in the house so I may see the space and take photos, I will prepare a proposal to deliver furniture, stage the space, and remove upon completion of the contract.  Once the proposal contract is signed, we plan the staging day very near after because the market moves quickly! You will be amazed with the before and afters and even more amazed with the interest it creates with buyers.  Staged homes sells quicker and for top dollar; let’s get started today!