Floral Delight

Custom is key! After hours on Pinterest researching unique wallpaper, accent ideas, and wall adhesives, the most exciting pin was a hand painted floral mural with fun brush strokes and varying patterns.  A great friend of mine at ColorFresh Studio and I put our minds together about how such a masterpiece could take place in my dining room.  I painted two coats of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore to cover the wine color from a previous owner which did develop quite a dark space.  Dark spaces get such a bad rap in the interior world, however, the room itself has four openings with plenty of natural light to spill in.  (Phew). Once the room was painted, enter Kristina, a sketchpad, a projector, and a pencil.


Kristina drew this original piece adding leaves, flowers, and vines as she felt inspired.  Her sketchbook drawing could be an individual print by itself! I just LOVE the combinations and details.  She is a truly gifted artist.

The actual tracing took some time, and we constantly needed to move the projector to remain perpendicular to the wall in order to prevent skewing the image.  Once this entire “page” was sketched, we moved the table, and advanced the drawing in the sketchbook to line up with what was already on the wall.  The mural spanned over a corner and trickles on to the wall adjacent to the one in the picture, just for a little more excitement.


A work in progress…all pencil for the tracing!

This photo was easily three hours into the process.  Fine details and precision make it what it is today.


The first bit of metallic paint going up on the small wall.  This part of the process took many sessions, and many cups of coffee. Kristina was a trooper!!  I think I owe her massage gift cards for life after all the tense, neck straining, exhausting arm work I had for her.







The results are BEYOND my wildest pinterest dreams.  I love the space and the unique dining room I come home to everyday.  In addition to the mural, we updated the lighting pendants from Birch Lane and picked the edison bulb to compliment the look.  Not one person walks through our home and does not notice and admire this beautiful project. I could recommend yours today!







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