Trends of 2017 Finale

Velvet is going over big time! There is so much of it in the stores so everyone is finding little ways to incorporate.  Following my last post, my sister-in-law (not the anti-word art sister from my Trends 2 post, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter)  requested the navy blue velvet pillow from my sofa. Hallelujah:) The pinnacle of home decor services- people actually like the products and desire for themselves!  Now, let’s see if that trend catches on.

The final chapter is here.  What is left in store for home decorators and avid startup blog readers? So far we have seen marble, textures of white, less word art, jewel tones, velvet, and a downplay of cold, industrial spaces filled with steel and silver.  This week’s roundup will brighten all your spaces and have you thinking spring is just around the corner much like my poor, confused crocuses in this wild, Ohio winter!

What’s In: GREEN

Although we have already considered emerald and tourmaline green in the jewel family, this year is 100% pro GREEN.  In fact, Pantone’s color of the year is quite straightforward-Greenery! Follow the link to see the meaning for the color and perfect pairings for your specific color desires including transitions, ethereal material, rev it up, moody blooms, or calm it down.

Color of the Year 2017- Greenery




greenery example
greenery space model
greenery paint

Since greenery is 100% inspired by nature, why not bring the nature indoors? The plants making their way indoors need a home, so what better trend than terra-cotta pots?



We are ready in design to warm up spaces, and the cool greys and whites can be replaced by terracotta.  It may be a subtle usage of the material such as a pot for your new succulent babies or you could go full on new matte terracotta tile which tones down the rustic vibe often given from terracotta.



Photo: Villa Mammerhills


Remember what your homework was last week? @thejungalow lives in a world of greenery and terracotta! The Bohemian style shines in each of their posts and I continue to encourage you to check them out 🙂

What’s Out: All White Kitchens

Put some COLOR in it! The countertop, subway tile, painted cupboards, and island are crying for some attention, so give them some love.   It is true, all white is clean, but can’t lime green look clean if you keep it clean too?  Maybe green is too much, what about a pale yellow option? In any regard, it will draw attention and be a talking point (guaranteed) for your next dinner party.  Then, paint it (or install it) back to white when you are tired of the statement.  Win win.

Lime Green Tile Kitchen
Color inside cupboards kitchen
Blue and Marble Kitchen
blue cupboards kithen

There you have it, less white, more color (emphasis on the greens), and terra-cotta. It truly sounds like a description of spring on its way.  The snow is melting, the greenery is growing, and nurseries everywhere are selling all the terra-cotta planters in their inventory so people can beautify their exteriors.  I look forward to hearing your stories as bits of these trends creep their way into your homes.  I will keep you updated on the ways my home will transform over the course of 2017, and aim to inspire along the way.  Cheers, creative ones!

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