Trend Alert, Part 2

Any takers on the marble trend? My home is in the works.  It has been fun to hear your interpretations of the Trend Alert 2017 (part 1)! My sister-in-law was delighted to  see that word art is making its way out, since she never was excited about it to begin with, but my close friend sadly noted the blank space on her front wall was going to contain word art, but now she is back to square one.  I happily offered an alternative if she was all that concerned with what “they” said about the trends this year.  Perhaps next time I show up and am greeted by “Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name,” remembering she and her husband’s most perfect wedding and the encouraging Avett Brothers quote.  In that case, I’ll know her desires outweighed what “they” are predicting for this 2017, and that is perfectly fine 🙂

So, are you ready to learn a little more about what’s “in” (and “out”)?  I am looking forward  to your thoughts on the matter-whether your story contains joy or disappointment.  Home decor is not the one size fits all mantra like a certain type of leggings taking our comfort levels to a new height!

I promised more color this week..

What’s in: JEWEL TONES

Rich, dynamic, bold- perfect words to describe these colors that are popping up across all genres! Floral arrangements, wedding colors, and home decor name just a few groups in which you will find these beauties all together.  Maybe you are reading these first few lines and saying, jewel tones, what? Think of…

  • emerald green
  • ruby red
  • sapphire blue
  • amethyst purple
  • topaz yellow
  • tourmaline green
  • turquoise blue

Speaking of jewels, which would you pick from (or to) your sweetheart this year? is in one week and one day! My husband (whoa that is new) knows I prefer a sapphire in a pillow tone so I will simply refer him to this page and see what he can come up with!

There are endless ways to let jewel tones creep into your home.  Keep a neutral base such as walls, furniture, or tables and add as much or as little as you desire.  If  you are really digging the deep, beautiful tones and want to go for it, let that tufted couch be BOLD and radiating in purple.  Check over some of these pins to gain inspiration.  The Crystal Caravan Boho Hanging Lantern (top right) can be purchased here if you happen to be in the market!


jewel 4
jewel 2
jewel 3
Jewel 1

what’s in: VELVET

It is crazy how much overlap we see in the trends this year! Nearly all of the jewel toned anythings you see in home decor are made of this delicious material.  It screams luxury and is surfacing in all the colors to brighten anyone’s day.  Chairs, sofas, benches, poufs, beds, linens, pillows, curtains, and anything else you could possibly touch will be seen in 2017 in velvet.  Don’t be afraid to mix with other textures and geometric or floral prints.  Anything goes!  Read further here about velvet (and some other trend predictions).


You know, the kind that you saw in the pictures and instantly wanted to go put on another pair of socks because you were freezing just looking at it.  The clean lines and modern simplicity are still to be desired, but we are seeing warmer elements begin to surface in the mix.  Often these industrial spaces contained stainless steel and lots and lots of silver.  Metals will still be invited in 2017, but the emergence of copper and brass will help with the balancing act.  Look forward to softening space this year and downplay the need to incorporate brushed silver exclusively because it has often meant clean and chic.  Because gold complements jewel tones in such a perfect manner, it is only fitting that they emerge at the same time.

That’s it for now- one week to go on this fun tour of 2017 trends.  Next week we take a page out of @thejungalow’s book of style.  Your homework is to check out their instagram account; you won’t be disappointed!



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