Trend Alert 2017

In the eyes of designers and their retailers,  a new year signifies the appropriate time to announce new trends for all trusty followers to love, forcing them to look around their home for the updates that must take place.  Along with the staples: healthier eating, regular fitness, and budget restrictions, a decorator’s new year’s resolution will also include: incorporating ALL 2017 trends in his/her home by 2018 (and ridding of one or so trends from years past).  And, just like many of the staple resolutions, this dream is left by the wayside because there are too many fresh ideas and so little time.

Perhaps a tip or two will keep us on our toes and provide just enough excitement to easily follow through with a design change.  It could also be just what a client’s home is in need of in order for them to love their space again.  Try one out and let me know how it goes! Happy Trending!

what’s in: MARBLE



Pottery Barn takes the trend to new heights with this Markham Marble Shelf.  A shelf is the perfect way to display more decor and fill a wall in desperate need of attention.  With two different lengths, the opportunities to layer or simplify are at your fingertips.




Crate and Barrel brings your kitchen to speed with the beautiful French Kitchen Marble collection.  Mix and match to equip your entertaining space with the cooling tones of white marble, touched with grey veining.  Practical and very 2017.





MORE MARBLE displayed in the blueprint for this blog with THEE most perfect green chair.  This Marble wallpaper is available on Etsy for a dramatic backdrop to any set of furniture.  The ability to customize your order allows you to add this trendy flair in small doses.




what’s in: RAW WHITE


Elle Decor spoke highly this year of the blossoming love for white, white, white.  Raw white, that is, in a chalky, organic sense.  When the textures vary, the interest grows.  Pair with brightly colored flowers or keep a modern, clean palette.  The finish is up to you.


what’s out: WORD ART

Perhaps start to consider other alternatives for a bare wall or open space on the shelf.  I am confident that “Love” signs will remain in homes for a good while yet, but refrain from spending your next paycheck on more inspiration in the form of wall quotes and sayings.  Maybe it’s your year to keep a journal of inspiration and not have to look at the same piece on the wall day in and day out? There you go, a new year’s resolution: practice your calligraphy and journal daily 🙂


There is more to come…soon! These few trends are the tip of the iceberg; if these did not do it for you, check back.  Spoiler for next week’s blog: more COLOR.

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