Pumpkins and Porches

Have you decorated your mantel yet?  If so, are you eager to move outdoors? I know the temperature has finally dropped here to the point that being outside to stray paint and arrange decor doesn’t cause heat exhaustion.  Yay!

From my previous blog, I ended with plenty of crafting supplies to lead me into these porch essentials. I love when the exterior is simply an extension of the interior, and that is exactly what happened here, with just a little more color.  I still enjoy that a fall porch can have some greenery, but mix it with orange for something truly special.  Ferns and dusty miller provide a nice balance of greens, and once it is arranged with the bright orange and ivory white pumpkins, heaven!  All these naturally occurring hues are b-e-a-utiful, but I wouldn’t be able to use up my crafting supplies if nature took over! Therefore, enter glitter and spray paint (and some blue paint).  The glitter from my mantel garland found its way outdoors (literally, that stuff gets EVERYWHERE) and the bronze spray paint from the sticks compliments any shade of orange.


For the glitter, I chose to use a basic Elmer’s glue and apply thick at the top near the stem, then brush down in all directions, letting the glue fade as I brushed.  The glitter ombre.  Then I sprinkled and stared.    NOTE: these pumpkins will be covered at all times otherwise the outside elements would cause that glitter to wash right off.

The clean lines on the pumpkins are the result of painter’s tape wrapping around and pressed neatly into every groove of the fruit (did you know a pumpkin is NOT a veggie!?).  Make sure your pumpkin is bone dry and hasn’t been sitting outside getting soggy in the rain of two days.  I accidentally did that thinking a towel could “surface value” get it dry.  The paint ran and did not adhere nearly as well as the one that had seen no rain.  Once you are taped off, spray away.    Remove the tape carefully and make some quick cleanups with soap and water if the paint seeped down a ridge.  I have now left a spray painted pie pumpkin outside during the last few days of rain, and it still shines proudly!

Once you have painted and glitterized to your desire, time for the fun of arranging.  Grouping of pumpkins can cause anxiety and sometimes looks too random.  To avoid being the random house on the block, always arrange in a group of three- papa, mama, and baby sized.  Having a bale of straw or cornstalks help with the “background” or in my photo, you will see the fern and apple crate.  I am sure the internet is packed full of great ideas to use a pallet too!


Enjoy the fun of painting as many pumpkins as you like, the top half, bottom third, whatever.  I do actually like the natural richness of the orange, so I opted to only paint one baby pumpkin a solid bronze.    If you make a centerpiece with one or two or three pumpkins (depending on table size), carefully choose your colors.  If one pumpkin is a bright color, I recommend that same color is woven in decor in the general vicinity.  You want the vision to be well planned and one may look random.  Now that we have mentioned random a few times, can you tell that decorating is all about being balanced and pleasing to the eye?  It doesn’t like to leave people wondering why or commenting “well, that’s random”.  Now go, decorate your pumpkins on porches with intention, and have some fun along the way 🙂


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