I love decorating for Fall.  The season itself brings cooler temperatures, cute fringe booties, and deliciously warm, caffeinated beverages.  I do have a tough time saying goodbye to summer, however, with its pool days, jean shorts, and patio cookouts.  This summer was especially hard to part ways for all of its fun changes and blissful celebrations- career 180, engagement, mountain hikes, B&B experiences, soccer in San Jose, my brother’s Cancun wedding, and the thrill of the summer Olympics. Watching the opening ceremonies and Team USA walk out will never get old, and I will forever be amazed by the ridiculously talented athletes (who can run 26.2 miles in 2:24.04…5:30 per mile, sounds easy hard) and the dedication I know to a small capacity it takes to compete there.

Now, to come full circle back to fall decor, it was the Summer 2016 Olympic Games and the astounding number of medals earned by American athletes that inspired my mantel choices this season.  Instead of the traditional yellows, oranges, golds, and browns, I opted for everything metallic and glittery in gold, silver, and bronze.  The white helps to keep the look crisp and only a touch of greenery in the dusty miller and leaves allows some floral to soften all the hard elements.  Some pieces are DIY (garland/beads, sprayed sticks, and framed leaves) while many Homegoods items played big roles this Fall.  A bronzed wreath, silver candlesticks and mirror, and predictable yet unique pumpkins rounded out this look.  Varying the height and concentration of items is the trick to any mantel and don’t be afraid to break the rules, i.e. a very off-center mirror! Happy Decorating, Fall Lovers.

Beads and Pumpkins and Candles and SHINE


Glitter Garland: Original Blog Inspiration HERE


Frame Your Favorite Elements and Add Height!


The Texture of the Wreath is Fall-tastic


Beads and Pumpkins and Candles and SHINE