Extra Seating with your Sangria Please

Labor Day comes with mixed feelings- long weekend (yay!), end of summer and back to school (nay), prime party potential on back porches and decks (yay), limited number of guests due to lack of space and accommodations (nay).

Let me elaborate on the last nay to make it a yay! If you are anything like the majority of first time homebuyers (myself included), your home is not yet a beautiful Restoration Hardware Showroom with grand furniture and ample room for a family of 8..in due time, my friends.  Instead, our smaller rooms can take on modest size pieces and inevitably, guests are standing during any gathering.  This Labor Day, or upcoming Birthday party, perhaps a Halloween costume party, get creative with your space and makeshift some seating options with items from the home.  Allow your guests to enjoy their sangria sitting down! Imagine that! Not that standing is a horrible thing, but when there is not enough seating for everyone to sit down, nobody ever sits because they feel bad for “taking it”.  Create smaller options and mimic this look:

  • Build a Book Base in multiple columns for maximum sturdiness
  • Layer a piece of reclaimed wood on the books
  • Add fun colors in your pillows and remove them as guests start to sit- that is valuable space!
    • Bonus if you have that matching foot stool! Your tiny friend can sit on it!
  • Toss some poufs on either side- they go anywhere, AMAZING design concept
  • Add guests and serve sangrias (or maybe your last Summer Shandys from the Fridge)
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