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Successful Garage Sale Tips!

Memorial Day Weekend was truly a great time for our sale this year.  I say “this year” like I’ve done them before, but in reality, this was my first attempt at having a garage sale.  I thought many things went well, but there are numerous reflections I’ve made to help the next (if ever) sale […]

How to Hang Fabric Wall(not)paper

What. A. Project.  I am happy to have the final touches done to reflect on the journey of putting up a fabric wall.  I love the finished product, but boy was it a learning process 🙂 The whole thing started when our guest room recently became vacant after our wedding.  My sister-in-law and I had been […]

Trends of 2017 Finale

Velvet is going over big time! There is so much of it in the stores so everyone is finding little ways to incorporate.  Following my last post, my sister-in-law (not the anti-word art sister from my Trends 2 post, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter)  requested the navy blue velvet pillow from my sofa. […]

Trend Alert, Part 2

Any takers on the marble trend? My home is in the works.  It has been fun to hear your interpretations of the Trend Alert 2017 (part 1)! My sister-in-law was delighted to  see that word art is making its way out, since she never was excited about it to begin with, but my close friend sadly […]

Trend Alert 2017

In the eyes of designers and their retailers,  a new year signifies the appropriate time to announce new trends for all trusty followers to love, forcing them to look around their home for the updates that must take place.  Along with the staples: healthier eating, regular fitness, and budget restrictions, a decorator’s new year’s resolution will […]

Pumpkins and Porches

Have you decorated your mantel yet?  If so, are you eager to move outdoors? I know the temperature has finally dropped here to the point that being outside to stray paint and arrange decor doesn’t cause heat exhaustion.  Yay! From my previous blog, I ended with plenty of crafting supplies to lead me into these porch essentials. I […]

Floral Delight

Custom is key! After hours on Pinterest researching unique wallpaper, accent ideas, and wall adhesives, the most exciting pin was a hand painted floral mural with fun brush strokes and varying patterns.  A great friend of mine at ColorFresh Studio and I put our minds together about how such a masterpiece could take place in my dining […]